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Training Small Dogs and Toy Breeds…

Training Small Dogs and Toy Breeds...

Training small dogs and toy breeds? Little dogs can be BIG problems so get in contact with us HERE after you read below!

Leah recently wrote to me about hers!

She wanted to know if my approach to dog training works on small dogs and toy breeds too.  I don’t spend too much time in training differentiating between breed size because the fundamentals are the same: You just use smaller sized training tools.

Is Training Small Dogs and Toy Breeds The Same As Training Any Other Breed?

Leah wrote, “I have a 9 week old “Toy” Schnoodle. He is active, biting, chewing (I know it’s normal due to teething) very aggressive. I just want to know if the collar option works with “Toy” breeds. He is about 2 1/2 pounds right now. I have been doing several other things you suggested and so far so good.”

I replied: Yes, absolutely!! When we were starting out, that was one of our criterias. We needed a training approach that worked on all breeds, as we knew we would be starting a dog training company and getting clients with dogs of all shapes and sizes. That meant training small dogs and toy breeds.

Toy breed dogs have become extraordinarily popular in recent years. Even my aunt is planning to adopt a Toy Poodle.

Need help training a small dog or toy breed?

Training Small Dogs And Toy Breeds Is Just As Easy As Training A Bigger Dog Breed Because Their Bodies Are Easier To Put Into Position

The neat thing about dogs is that, big or small: Their brains all work the same way. With our techniques, you administer the leash correction the same way. Buy a collar that fits your dog, so that it’s small enough that when you tug on the leash, there is a suitable correction. This is the biggest mistake people make with the pinch collar.

A $7 an Hour Dog Trainer Told Her That Training A Toy Breed With A Pinch Collar Is Dangerous. It’s Not.

Liz replied, “Thanks for your response. I went to the pet store and tried to find a pinch collar. It just so happened that their trainer was there and I asked her which one I should get. She said she wouldn’t suggest that type of correction on a TOY breed because their Traykia (not sure if spelling is correct)is small and easy to crush. What are your thoughts on that. I didn’t get the pinch collar because I was scared at that point that I might hurt him.”

I replied: It’s nonsense.

Did you ask her why they sell those collars then? Does she really think the big box stores would expose themselves to hundreds of thousands of lawsuits if they were selling collars for the past 30 years that damaged a dog’s trachea then?

Does it make any sense for me to recommend a collar that’d hurt your dog then?

Excuse my repetition of the word “then”, but transition words a requirement when blogging.

Use common sense. Don’t choke your dog with the collar. Tug and release. The people who have problems are the one’s who allow their dog to pull, pull, pull … day after day. Are you going to do that? No, you’re not. Because you’re smart and you’ve watched our material and you know how to administer a correction properly.

My recommendation is that you stop listening to so-called “dog experts” who make $7 an hour working at pet stores. If you wanted to learn how to cook a great meal, you’d get advice from a great chef, not some schmoe working at McDonalds, right?

There will be critics no matter what type of collar you use when training small dogs and toy breeds. Ignore them

If you’re in need of training a small dog or toy breed then contact us NOW!

For further inspection of the awesomeness we provide check out our IG page or Facebook!

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